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Vincent Biank Dental Care
Vincent E Biank, DDS

Welcome! Dr Biank and his staff look forward to answering any of your questions about all of our services. We believe that the patient is the boss of their dental care but that we can guide them to the best available state of the art procedures that would meet their needs including:

*Chairside Toddler Check *Silver Fillings *Tooth Whitening *Tooth Colored Fillings *Crowns *Snoring Appliance *Partial Dentures *Orthodontics *Root Canals *Oral Surgery *Mini Implants

Dr. Biank has been available to people in the southwestern suburbs who are interested in improving their dental health for over 30 years. He sees people from 2-82 and loves to help people who have not been to the dentist for years due to fear. His chairside manner demonstrates his years of experience and his desire to treat everyone as a person.

(708) 636.1661
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5867 W 95th St
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
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